Study in Genoa: Food, Fashion, and Cars in Genoa - Summer 2017


Program Description:

What do we love about Italy, and why? This program offers you the opportunity to learn about Italian society and history first hand during a five-week residence in the beautiful Mediterranean port city of Genoa. Our academic focus will be on the country’s development during the 20th century, as it was dramatically transformed by industrialization, urbanization, war, and political upheavals. We will make comparisons to the same forces of change in the US. The itinerary includes visits to old and new centers of the Italian economy: Genoa’s medieval banking center, the automobile industry in Turin, the fashion business in Milan, and an olive oil farm in the Ligurian countryside. You will also be able to work in the collections of FIU’s Wolfsonian Museum and its sister museum in Genoa, the Wolfsoniana.

Though open to all students, the program is aimed at social science and history majors, and should be of interest to art history students as well. In addition, by completing the program you will qualify for up to 60% of the required credits for a Certificate in European Studies.

Location Description:

Perched between the Apennine Mountains and the sea, Genoa has been a Mediterranean port city for more than 2,500 years. Today, with a population of about 600,000, it is Italy’s most important port as well as a sister port of Miami. From the 14th through the 16th century Genoese bankers were the medieval equivalent of Wall Street, supporting the Spanish and Portuguese voyages of conquest, and their magnificent palazzos still dominate the city center. At its core Genoa has Europe’s largest preserved medieval city center, which remains a vibrant maze of shops, restaurants, and residences. The city’s landscape also reveals how a 20th century powerhouse of Italian industry has evolved into a 21st century hub of commerce and services.


Program participants will live in fully furnished, shared apartments in the city and within walking distance of classes, shopping, and the train station.


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Program Overview:


  • Summer C 2017


  • June 11-July 15: Classes and other activities in Genoa


  • SYO 4370: Work and Society (Professor A. Douglas Kincaid, Department of Global and Sociocultural Studies, FIU)
    • To view syllabus, click here
  • EUH 4286: Topics in European History: Modern Italian Social History (Professor Ferdinando Fasce, Department of History, University of Genoa)
    • To view syllabus, click here
  • FOL 3955: Italian Language and Culture (Professor Alessandro Cavalieri, Genoa)
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Each course is 3 credits.


  • 9 credits total


The program fee is $2,425 and includes: housing, textbooks, train fares for field trips, museum and fair admissions, some local transportation in Genoa, and mandatory international health insurance.

The program fee does not include airfare, meals, most local transportation in Genoa, FIU tuition ($205.57/credit, 9 credits total), and the $175 study abroad fee


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For more Information:

  • European & Eurasian Studies Program
    Modesto A. Maidique Campus, SIPA 508
    T: 305-348-5949
  • Prof. A. Douglas Kincaid
    Program Director
    T: 305 348-6172
  • Office of Education Abroad
    T: 305-348-1913