Science Po Aix en Provence / Maastricht-Bruxelles

International Student Exchange Opportunities

  • Students can go for a semester or for an academic year
  • Students pay FIU tuition, can use financial aid, airfare & transportation costs, health insurance (as required by the host school), and room and board.
  • Some institutions have dorms; others assist students with finding rooms/apts.
  • All classes are taught in English (although a student who is proficient in French, Flemish or Dutch, may take classes in those languages at the respective institutions)
  • Students who have not previously traveled overseas might best enjoy their first experience abroad in either Aix or Maastricht due to the size of the cities and the support systems available.
  • Students should contact the FIU Office of Study Abroad as soon as they express an interest as applications for fall or academic year are due March 2; and for Spring, September 16. (more information can be found at https:/studyabroad.fiu.eduexplore-programs/international-student-exchange/index.html)
  • Students must have at least a Minimum 3.0 GPA, Language Fluency (reading, writing, and speaking) in the language of instruction (please refer to location details on the Program pages), may not go during your final semester at FIU, students must take 12 credits or more towards their major, minor, or general degree program while abroad, and all University Core Curriculum (UCC) must be completed


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Sciences-Po Aix-en-Provence

Located in Southern France, just 30 minutes north of the port city of Marseille, Sciences-Po institutions are the flagship of the national public university system. French students compete for admissions to one of the seven schools, and once admitted to Aix, must spend their junior year studying abroad. thus, the opportunity for exchanges.

The population of Aix is 143,000, and the city is located in the region of Provence-Alpes-Cote d' Azur. The city is quite walkable with the old town (where the university is located---in part of an old monastery) having narrow, stone streets and lots of cafes. Movie theaters, cultural events, and university life dominate--- and one need not speak French to survive quite well. Known as the home of Paul Cezanne, this small city is one discovery after another as one walks its beautiful streets. Within an easy train ride is the walled city of Avignon (once the seat of the papacy), Nimes (with numerous, well preserved Roman ruins), and the Mediterranean coast (think Cannes, Nice, Saint-Tropez, Toulon, and Cassis). If that is not enough, Paris is a mere three hours away by high-speed train!

The university offers courses in European Union politics and policy, economics, public administration, history, sociology, geopolitics, and international relations.


Maastricht University

Located in the southern region of the Netherlands, Maastricht University has a history similar to FIU in that it was founded in 1976. With less than 20,000 students, MU offers nearly half of its undergraduate programs solely in English. the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences emphasizes globalization and internationalization. The university is actually spread throughout the city in a series of very old buildings.

Maastricht, the town, is home to about 125,000 people and is close to both Germany and Belgium. Amsterdam is a mere 100 miles away- a short train ride. Divided by the Meuse river, this is a bike-riding city that blends old and new. Parts of the old city walls (from the 13th and 14th centuries) and towers from the year 1230can be discovered by the wandering student. the river and the many natural spaces throughout Maastricht proved to gather spots for young and old.

The faculty of Arts and Social Sciences offers courses in European Studies and Arts and Culture at the bachelor level, and master's classes (equivalent to a senior in the U.S.) in Art, Literature and Society; Politics and Society; Arts and Heritage; media Culture; Globalization and Development; and European Studies. Many of their courses include public administration and policy implementation.


Universite Libre de Bruxelles

The "Free University" or ULB is located in Brussels, Belgium --- the capital city and one of the best-located cities for travel to London, Paris, and Amsterdam --- that is if one really feels a need to leave Brussels. A beautiful city with stately buildings and an international population, Brussels is home to the European Parliament. This provides students with the unique opportunity to intern at one of the many non-governmental organizations located in and near Parliament. It is a big city with an excellent mass transit system, but it can be a bit overwhelming for the novice international traveler, and the costs of housing are steep. This means many students take up residence a short train ride away, in smaller towns where prices are more reasonable.

The primary reason we partnered with ULB is because of their willingness to supervise FIU students who find an internship in Brussels (note: the student must develop the internship-- the university will only supervise and formally host if the student is not enrolled in traditional classes). The university is in the city center and has a fascinating mix of old and new facilities. the new Business faculty building would fit right in on Brickell, while the library is a conflation of old buildings and new.

Classes are offered in English(and French) in religion, philosophy, political science and international relations, sociology, history, and archeology.

Website: https:/www.ulb.been/international/mobility