Multilevel Governance in Europe - Summer 2016

During 15 days in June, under the Study Abroad "Multilevel Governance in Europe", these FIU students were lucky to travel to Europe with Prof. Markus Thiel, Associate Professor, Department of Politics & International Relations and Director of the European & Eurasian Studies Program, and discover the major international organizations in five different countries! Here they are in Brussels in front of the European Commission.

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Program Information

The ‘Multilevel Governance in Europe’ program offers students the opportunity, after an initial 1-week session at FIU, to travel across Western Europe and visit major international organizations. Students explore the complexities of multiple levels of regional governance in Europe by visiting the European Union (EU) and Council of Europe institutions and courts in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg, as well as the United Nations (UN) organizations in Vienna. This educational tour consists of informational tours and dialogues with policy experts, complemented by excursions in some of the most historic cities in Europe.

Location Description

The course starts with a 1-week introductory module on the FIU campus and then continues in the second half with train travels through Austria (Vienna, 4 days/nights), Germany (Munich, 3 days/nights), France (Strasbourg, 3 days/nights), Luxembourg (2 days/nights), and Belgium (Brussels, 6 days/nights). The program includes a mix of historical excursions and institutional visits

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