EESP Webinar: The Landscape of Knowledge Production in Illiberal Contexts

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The Miami-Florida Jean Monnet Center of Excellence and the European and European Studies Program would like to share this upcoming webinar organized and hosted by the Center for Women's and Gender Studies and the Politics and International Relations Department at Florida International University.

In Hungary, attacks on gender studies are part of wider project of reconfiguring knowledge production institutions and actors seen as opposed to the political regime. While gender studies and gender equality related knowledge are attacked and undermined, research portfolios and actors ideologically aligned with the regime are supported with resources and access. This talk will devote specific attention to the case of the Central European University, home to one of the most prominent Gender Studies Departments in the post-communist region, and its relocation to Vienna as a consequence of political attacks. It will also discuss the 2018 withdrawal of accreditation of gender studies programs in all Hungarian universities, and the political targeting of scholars, civil society activists and think tanks working on gender-related issues.

This talk will argue that these attacks are part of a larger campaign on the right-wing populist government against knowledge production that undermines its traditionalist, patriarchal, and nationalist world view.

Dr. Andrea Krizsan is Professor of Public Policy and Gender Studies at Central European University. She is also Lead Researcher for the Inequalities and Democracy Working Group and Senior Research Fellow at the Democracy Institute.

Zoom ID: https:fiu.zoom.usj95652628913