MEUCE Recognition Award Ceremony - European Studies Certificates

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Venue:Florida International University - Modesto A. Maidique Campus, GC 243
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FIU-MEUCE Hosts Recognition & Award Ceremony on May 9th, Europe Day

Every year, the Miami-Florida European Union Center of Excellence’s European Studies Program holds a Recognition and Award Ceremony for graduating seniors who in addition to have earning their bachelors have also worked towards the European Studies Certificate. The European Studies program is interdisciplinary – students choose from a wide range of courses including Art & Art History, Economics, History, Humanities, International Relations, Modern Language, Political Science, Religion, among others. In addition, the program requires students’ mastery of a European language. The certificate also allows students a chance to study abroad while earning their degree.

On Monday, May 9th, Europe Day, the MEUCE recognized the following FIU students for having obtained their European Studies Certificates in Spring 2011:

1. FIU students who obtained their certificates in European Studies in Spring 2011:

  • Gabriela Bello (B.A. in History, Spring 2011)
  • Janet Chavez (B.A. in International Business and International Relations, Spring 2011)
  • Charlotin Olivier (B.A. in Political Science, Minor in International Relations, Spring 2011)
  • Stephanie Vazquez (B.A. in History and Religion, Spring 2011)
  • Alain Reyes (B.A. in History and Political Sciences, Minor in Education, Spring 2011)

The FIU- MEUCE also held a recognition ceremony for the high school freshmen and sophomores from Miami-Dade, Broward, and St. Lucie counties, who participated in the regional divisions of the 2011 Euro Challenge Competition on March 22, 2011.

2. The high schools that participated in the Local Euro-Challenge Competition 2011:

  • Alonzo and Tracy Mourning Senior High School
  • Coral Reef Senior High School
  • Felix Varela Senior High School
  • Fort Lauderdale High School
  • Fort Pierce Westwood High School
  • FPW Marine & Oceanographic Academy
  • G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School
  • Hialeah Gardens Senior High School
  • International School of Broward (ISB)
  • International Studies Charter High School
  • Miami Palmetto Senior High School
  • Western High School

Among the different high schools recognized, two French teams from Miami-Dade and Broward counties: International Studies Charter High School (Florian Dupont and Louis Dupont, Gregoire Fabre, Pierre Fabre, Maydee Martinez, Teacher Raphaelle Caneele), and International School of Broward-ISB (Julie Spring, Mikaila Noel-Daniel, Alycia Pinon, Nicolas Leconte, Lubba Wintzer, Teacher Yann Bareau) received their certificates.

Prestigious members of the European Community presented the participants with their certificates. They included the Honorable ret. Ambassador to Germany, Dr. Volker Anding, and Martine Johnston, Education Attache, Consulate General of France in Miami.

After the Recognition and Awards ceremony, the center held a screening of the film Nous nous sommes tant haïs, a fictional reenactment of the birth of the European Union.

Location: Florida International University - Modesto A. Maidique Campus - 11200 SW 8th Street - Miami, FL 33199 - Graham Center - GC 243

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