MFJMCE Conversations on Europe: Business after the Fall: Challenges of East German Companies

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For this second Conversations on Europe, join our experts for an interactive virtual roundtable discussion on “Business after the Fall: Challenges of East German Companies”

When thinking of German businesses, we usually mean West German ones. To add nuance to this perspective, this event will focus on two successful East German companies that had to restart after 1989 when Communism fell and the German government privatized thousands of companies. While some did not succeed, the numerous stories of those that thrived are often overlooked.


ImageWendy Carlin
Professor of Economics
University College of London

ImageFlorian Mezger
Head of Shared Services North America
Head of HR North America
President & Treasurer, Carl Zeiss AFG

ImageGunter Steinmetz
Head of Human Resources
Bauerfeind AG


ImageJan Musekamp
DAAD Associate Professor
Department of History
University of Pittsburgh


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Hosted by European Studies Center, a Jean Monnet European Union Center of Excellence at the University of Pittsburgh

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