May 9th: Let's Celebrate Europe Day at home #UnitedAgainstCoronavirus

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On the 70th Anniversary of Europe Day, join the Delegation of the European Union to the US and all the EU Member States for virutal activities from all over Europe accross the Atlantic that can be enjoyed from the safety and comfort of your home.

To kick off #HomeWithEU, it will be going live on Facebook and YouTube at 10am EST on May 9th with a special broadcast, "Stronger Together: Aiding the Recovery," followed immediately by a release of cultural experiences native to every EU Member State that all can be enjoyed without leaving your house.

Come join #HomeWithEU, a digital gathering of experiences and activities native to every EU Member State. These experiences can all be enjoyed right from your home and include numerous recipes of national dishes and how-to videos, playlists assembled by Embassy staff to provide you with some new background music, virtual tours of museums, concerts, films, and more! Meanwhile, the EU Delegation will be hosting a "Stronger Together" campaign supporting recovery efforts combating the coronavirus. This and every cultural experience will go live on May 9th, and then remain for the duration of May–so fear not, you have plenty of time to try out that Polish recipe, listen to that Spanish playlist, watch that Finnish ballet performance, and experience every corner of Europe.

Everything will be promoted on this Facebook eventpage :
and then hosted in full on Mark your calendars—stay safe, stay healthy, stay #HomeWithEU!


► More information: https:www.facebook.comevents2482764582033869/