EPRC Webinar: Choose Freedom: Democracy and Human Rights

Event information

Economic Policy Research Center in partnership with George W. Bush Presidential Center held a discussion - "Choose Freedom: Democracy and Human Rights as Key Components of U.S. Foreign Policy"

Encouraging democratization and respect for human rights globally are essential to advancing American values, as well as security and economic interests around the world. The values that underpin democracy and human rights are not just American values — they are universal ones. Therefore, the conversation about democracy and human rights is bigger than the United States and is also crucial for democracies like Georgia.


  • Nicole Bibbins Sedaca - Deputy Director and Chair for the Global Politics and Security Concentration in Georgetown University M.S. in Foreign Service Program (MSFS); Kelly and David Pfeil Fellow, George W. Bush Institute.
  • Lindsay Lloyd - Bradford M. Freeman Director of the Human Freedom Initiative at the George W. Bush Institute.
  • Shota Gvineria - Security Policy Lead at Economic Policy Research Center and a Former Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Shota Gvineria teaches cyber and defense studies at the Baltic Defence College.

Moderator: David J. Kramer - the Director of European and Eurasian Studies Program, a Senior Fellow for Václav Havel Program for Human Rights & Diplomacy at Florida International University's Steven J. Green School of International and Public Affairs and the Director of Fukuyama Democracy Frontline Centre.

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