EU Film Series: "La France vue du Ciel" filmee par Sylvain Augier

Event information
Venue:FIU - MMC - Graham Center - GC 140

Image"La France vue du Ciel"
Filmed by Sylvain Augier

"This journey is a dream come true: to go by helicopter over several thousand kilometers to fly over the most beautiful places in France. They are innumerable, all more magical, unusual, majestic than the others. They tell each one in their own way, with their own stories, who make the "History of France". To see them from the sky and to pass from one to the other almost instantaneously is extraordinary. France is said to be the most beautiful country in the world, no doubt! In any case, it offers landscapes of an unheard-of variety that you never get tired of. I have been flying over France for 15 years, it is the most magnificent spectacle I have ever seen. Try it: watch a few minutes at random and you will see like me that you will want to go to the end of the trip. Good flight !"

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